Italian Heavy Psych/Stoner Rockers DUSTRIDER sign to Argonauta Records

We’re more than happy to announce a new name being part of Argonauta Records family, Italian Heavy Psych/Stoner Rockers DUSTRIDER.

Born in late 2014-early 2015, Dustrider are an instrumental heavypsych/stoner trio from Roma formed by drummer Francesco “Krundaal” Romano (Riti Occulti and Jarman), bassist Andrea “Keoma” Romano and Bruno “Brüno” Bellisario on guitars.

Since their beginning, they try to mix all very different influences, spanning from classic heavy metal to stoner, doom and sludge, in a personal and new interpretation.

Their sound can be described as a mixture of psychedelic/space rock fused with heavy stoner tunes with an adventurous spirit running throughout their music.

Although in a very short time, the band acquired their own personal vision of music, creating a personal style fused in a heavy doom, desert rock and fuzzy riffs in one spaced out trippy package.

In late 2015, Dustrider release their first EP, Mother Engine, entirely self-produced, which caught the attention and curiosity of part of the insiders. Months after the release of Mother Engine, Dustrider have come out with a new self-produced single, AgarthA, which opens the way to the first album of the band.

The band says: “The idea of being part of the Argonauta family after such a short time from our birth makes us very proud. We would never believed that one of the most important labels of the underground scene put an eye on us. The feeling with Gero was immediate, and we believe that together we can do great things”.

The new Dustrider album will be released on CD/DD by early Spring 2017.

Dustrider are:
Bruno “Brüno” Bellisario – Guitars
Andrea “Keoma” Romano – Bass
Francesco “Krundaal” Romano – Drums

You can have a taste of the band here:

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